At the Belfast-Beltway Boxing Project (“BBBP”), we make every effort to ensure that the annual Boxing Classic (“Classic”) complies with all government ethics laws. Our policies and procedures are designed to protect our guests and sponsors from inadvertently violating these rules. They also assure the ethics officers and government officials we invite are attending a legitimate, ethically appropriate event. If you have any questions about our policies, please do not hesitate to let us know. In order to meet these and other practical goals, we have developed the following procedures.

  • Congressional and Administration guests are invited and assigned to tables by BBBP and should not accept invitations directly from table sponsoring organizations. Please do not invite or seat any Congressional or Administration guests at your table unless they have been assigned by BBBP. Doing so may place these individuals, yourselves, and others in danger of violating ethics rules.
  • BBBP extends Classic invitations directly to government officials and receives their RSVPs. BBBP then assigns government invitees and their guests to sponsor tables throughout the room.
  • After BBBP assigns the government guest to a table, both the table sponsor and the government guest are notified of the seating assignment. BBBP cannot, of course, guarantee the ultimate attendance of the government guest and encourages table sponsors to coordinate with the assigned guest(s) prior to the Classic to ensure attendance and to coordinate a meeting place. Prior to the Classic, if the government guest notifies BBBP that they will not attend, BBBP will contact the sponsor as soon as possible. If the government guest notifies the table sponsor that they will not attend, BBBP requests that the table sponsor notify us as soon as possible so that we can attempt to assign another guest to the table.
  • If a table sponsor invites a government guest directly, BBBP may have to consider withholding an invitation to that sponsor in the future.