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The Belfast-Beltway Boxing Project is proud of the work the boxing clubs we support do in their communities.

The WP: Forging friendships in the ring – A Belfast-Beltway boxing connection

Lee Reeves is a boxer. Twenty-two. Lives in Limerick, Ireland. Has a Hollywood-handsome face that looks like it has never met a fist. No imperfections. Nothing that says it has seen a single day of trouble. Deonte Washington is also a boxer. Nineteen. Lives in Anacostia. His face is pop-star pretty, too. Bright eyes and a winning smile. No hint of fear or failure. Only fortune. But faces lie. Reeves and Washington have endured more misery in their first two

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USA Today: A Boxing School in Baltimore is Fighting for the City’s Soul

BALTIMORE – Word finally came around 6:30 that they were gathering. All day the spotters had been looking out onto Pennsylvania Ave. — a few blocks from where a CVS was emptied by looters then burned on national television Monday — to see if the neighborhood would erupt again. Gervonta “Tank” Davis was in the middle of having his hands taped to prepare for a workout, but he sprinted out of the Upton Boxing Center to see what was happening.

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The WP: Boxing Event Helps Disadvantaged Youths From Northern Ireland, D.C.

Bernard Cairns was all of 17 when he climbed the scaffolding inside Holy Cross Church in Belfast and hanged himself. Earlier that day in 2003, Cairns had attended the funeral of a close friend, another suicide victim, at the same Catholic chapel where he chose to end his life, becoming the latest in an alarming trend in Northern Ireland’s capital. That’s also the day Eanes Keenan, Charlie Quinn and others from the rough-and-tumble Ardoyne neighborhood of Belfast resolved to do

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