Shawn Coughlin

Shawn Coughlin Our new board member, Shawn Coughlin, is the executive vice president for government relations and public policy at the National Association for Behavioral Heath (NABH). NABH represents behavioral healthcare providers committed to the delivery of responsive, accountable, and clinically effective prevention, treatment and care of children, adolescents, and adults with mental health and substance use disorders. Shawn is a leading healthcare advocate and policy expert who oversees the association’s advocacy work on Capitol Hill, and helps to set and implement strategic policy goals that support high-quality evidence based behavioral healthcare for Americans who live with mental and substance use disorders.  “As…

Richard Washington

Richard Washington Photographer Richard Washington is a very committed volunteer for The Belfast-Beltway Boxing Project and has been instrumental in BBBP social media outreach. He is also an accomplished photographer and loves image making and creating digital media. Born in the DMV area, Richard aims to engage others intellectually and viscerally through visual storytelling. When he is not out shooting, Richard may be found podcasting, sampling whiskey, or meeting with other creatives to exchange ideas. Check out some of Richard’s work at